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The boys’ lives are limited by their immediate environment, yet their world is also enlarged by their constant contact with the Internet, and by the unending stream of social media—a theme that is common to all of Williams’s work, and which recurs in —a young protagonist will wander the streets while the camera trails behind him at a distance, allowing us to take in deteriorated building facades and unlit graffitied underpasses.Just as often, we overhear intimate conversations but are unable to read facial expressions, either because of darkness or obstruction.The young men make quick cash hiring themselves out for webcam sex, and through other sequences, Williams opens up a connection with youths in Mozambique, who are also broke, disaffected, and renting themselves out for cash.

You rarely shoot in close-ups, which probably gives you a lot of freedom in post-production. But I avoid close-ups for another reason: to get the audience to see people as part of their environment, and also because the voice has a different function when it isn’t coming from a particular person. In the middle section, in Mozambique, the dialogue is very poetic. My idea was that the two boys escape from the city and arrive in a place that is a bit otherworldly. And it wasn’t as if you could work sometimes and then have time to explore. When I began traveling, I noticed that this preoccupation was the same for young people everywhere.The stretches of poetic dialogue that Williams interweaves with prosaic exchanges, and the seamlessness with which he moves between these two registers recalls the work of his Argentine compatriot, Matías Piñeiro.But the comparison ends there, for whereas Piñeiro delves into literary works, Williams favors disconnected anecdotes, urban legends, and snippets of random texts, at times gleaned from the Internet.Now, Williams treats travel as a personal and artistic quest.While his early shorts, , starts in Buenos Aires but quickly moves to the lackluster provinces, and then to Mozambique and the Philippines.Except, perhaps, when we are young, we don’t yet fully accept this fact.