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During the call, your peer advocate will work with you to come up with solutions that best meet your needs.
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The chatbot is also able to provide detailed quotes to users in a way that is more convenient than a call centre agent, says Paillusseau.“From 40 minutes with a call centre agent, you can reduce that to five minutes with a chatbot, getting access to the exact same information with much better user experience.A year and a half ago exactly, we faced some kind of issues because the market is quite saturated in the lead generation space, so we thought of a new way to convert potential clients into clients by linking to this industry.We did a three month market study before launching the project to analyse the market needs – [to find out] where we could have a strong impact, what technology we needed and so on.You don’t have to call, you don’t have to wait for an agent, you don’t have to call at a specific time; whatever you want, you open your favourite messaging app, you ask a specific question and you have access to the information.

This has been precipitated by the explosion of social media and has given these technologies an incredibly rich ground within which to learn, cause mischief and interact with their human users.I think the stats on one specific client, [was that] the customer needed to spend nine minutes to access one specific [kind of] information, which is their account balance.With our solution implemented, it’s less than one minute.At this stage we can’t offer that for everything because of certain legal purposes on the insurance side, but this is where we want to go.The Feedback Has Been Good In our portfolio of clients, they are truly excited.They understand the opportunity to increase customer conversion, because they’re addressing a completely new medium which is messaging apps.