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The boys have called another hunt, she mused to herself and, still smiling, leant against the tree trunk to take advantage of her grandstand seat.

The jungle had quite a few really big, really savage creatures which she had managed to avoid, making like a jungle heroine and taking to the trees and vines.

The scooped neckline was indecently low and the skirt ended midway down her long thighs.

It was closely modelled, in fact, after the miniskirted sheath she'd been wearing to class that spring morning when the Catteni ships had descended on Denver, one of fifty cities across the world that had been used as object lessons by the conquerors.

She'd been four months in what appeared to be the single, sprawling city of the planet during her enslavement and now had racked up five months of comparative freedom - albeit a parlous hand-to-mouth survival - in this jungle, after her escape from the city in the flitter she'd stolen.

Her sleeveless one-piece tunic was made of an indestructible material, but it wouldn't suit cold weather.

When she and her fellow prisoners had awakened, they were in the slave compounds of Barevi, waiting to be sold.

Kris aimed the avocado-sized pit of the gorupear she had just eaten at the central stalk of a nearby thicket of purple-branched thorn-bushes.

And should she concentrate on gathering nuts and drying gorupears on the rocks by the river for the cold season? They were mighty tasty but a steady diet of them left her hungering for other basic dietary requirements.By dint of hard work and sweat, she had used the useful tools from the kit on the ffitter to tie vines to trees that led to and from her favourite food-browsing spots and to the river. Before she had taken absence without leave from her situation', Kris had done her homework on more than what was edible on Barevi.She had picked up a good bit of the lingua Barevi, a polyglot language, made up from the words of six or seven of the languages spoken by the slaves and used by the "masters' to convey orders to their minions.Two of the umpteen moons that circled Barevi were visible in the west.Below them, dots that gave off sparkles of reflected sunlight were swooping and diving.The way they "played', Kris thought to herself, was rough enough to ensure that they died young as well as far from Catten.