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Meanwhile, at the party, Mabel meets Grenda and Candy Chiu, who she befriends quickly.

Soos (serving as the DJ for the party) makes a competition that whoever parties the hardest will win a crown.

As Dipper puts on a bow tie in his room (the uniform for working at the ticket stand), Mabel teases him for liking Wendy.

Due to the taunting, Dipper reveals his complicated, step-by-step list to woo Wendy.

Dipper then tears up the list and goes to dance with the crew in the Mystery Shack.

Upon Dipper's arrival in the Mystery Shack, Mabel yells for Dipper to come meet her friends.

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Dipper promises Stan that he will not leave the stand. Unable to ditch the ticket stand due to his promise to Stan, he decides to use the copier machine to create a Dipper clone, who names himself Tyrone. They decide that Tyrone will manage the ticket stand, while Dipper hangs out with Wendy. Dipper and Tyrone plan to create two more copies to take Robbie's bike so he'll run after it and leave Wendy with Dipper. Mabel says he is making the situation over-complicated, but Dipper simply ignores her. Afterwards at the ticket stand, Dipper awkwardly tries to make conversation with Wendy, which he fails to accomplish. He says the last step is to ask her to dance with him.