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June 2017 As many of you are aware there is a lot of building work happening in Ocean village at present including the new hotel which will overlook the marina.

This in turn has obviously caused a lot of disruption in the village and has marginally impacted on the business in that it is not quite as easy to park a coach right next to the boarding gate as it was for passengers to board the boat.

Lastly I must mention two new themed evenings we are offering.... We are putting on a revival night, playing all the great tunes from those two revolutionary decades.

Tickets only 19.95 including a basket meal on Friday 31st July. If anyone out there has any other great ideas for a day trip or themed party night get in touch.

For those who love seeing the Cruise ships when in port there will be 4 & 5 Liner sailaways and Harbour Tours to view them while in port starting with the 3 Queens on January 10th before they leave for their world cruises.Our aim is to bring the company up to a standard the public has come to expect from Blue Funnel businesses and we are well on the way to achieving a good level already with a refurbishment of the old boat, now called Hythe Scene and an increase in business.Blue Funnel Ferries will be offering the same daily ferry service but will now be offering extra runs for local events such as the football and events like Common People. 2015 was extremely busy for Blue Funnel covering all our own events and offering cover to other boat businesses when they needed our help.There may be now a short walk across the road depending on the situation on the day.As the buildings are now nearing completion this should soon be rectified but rest assured in the mean time we are making sure to make it as easy as possible and are happy to aide anyone needing extra information on parking and boarding measures.We suffered an unfortunate set back on our Day to Bucklers Hard which had proved very popular last year.