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Please visit or contact Alan Aldridge FRSA or Andrew Aldridge BA Hons ASFAV MRICS on 01380 729199 or [email protected] Aldridge and Son, The Wiltshire Auctioneer with the Worldwide Reputation's latest Titanic and Liner auction on April 22nd included a fine selection of memorabilia for all budgets with items selling from £50 to £180000.From Bulff & London I got yesterday in Cherbourg dispatches and will now be only 4 days without news, because the 16th soon we are probably already in London, because our ship runs 25 - 26 knots per hour and the clock is reset every midnight for 63 minutes, they will pursue in New York for 5 hours to London. Stachelin and (family) Fröhlich send friendly greetings and the latter only regret that you and Ella are not on the ship. Here in the smoking room (at the end of the ship) you can feel the propellers working, while in my cabin it is so quiet as in my room at home. They boarded the Titanic as first class passengers.They are visiting a brother-in-law and a brother and stay circa until the end of May, then return with her second son who was about 1 1/2 years overseas. Mr Alfons Simonius-Blumer, 56, a colonel in the Swiss Army, was born on 23rd October 1855 in Basel, Switzerland. Their destination was New York, where they wanted to look after the business of Heine & Co., which belonged to the Swiss Bank verein.One of the better examples of this genre was offered in the April 22nd auction, written on Titanic stationery on April 11th. In the smoking saloon and in other saloons burn fires, mostly coal, and partly gas, but the air is good because of artificial ventilation against the smoke. In an hour we are in Queenstown and hold it there for the post for probably a few hours and then the real journey to the ocean begins.I have written yesterday to Paul, so he knows my address, and ensures that the meeting until the end of May in Vienna can take place.

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Leading the way was one of the most visual lots to have come to market it recent years.

In addition the auction saw media interest from major news outlets such as Fox News and the BBC which ensured not only superb coverage but some fantastic prices. R C Mac Gregor of the Indian Medical Service and showed the latter stages of the Younghusband Tibet expedition in 1904 and culminated around 1910 including the Dalai Lama's exile from the British.

The top lot of the day was £27000 for an exceptional archive of over 500 photographs, may unpublished that dated from 1904-1910 of Tibet, China and Mongolia. There was strong interest from bidders in the US, France and China both online and on the telephone, the successful bidder came from the UK and is a noted British scholar.

Her nephew was lost in the sinking while her brother-in-law was saved.

Craig Sopin, one of the leading Titanic collectors in the world commented.