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I just received this email from Ed Griffin at Import Communications concerning Wouxun Radios and his dealings with them over the years. This makes me wonder why anyone would spend any more than for one of the cheap handheld radios.I consider them throw-aways because if they break, they cannot be practically fixed, and you just throw them away. Buy quality American, Japanese and European built equipment.Often the programmed channels themselves will be gone.Reprogramming the radio may restore it for a short time but often it's cured for only one off/on cycle.Even though I didn't say it was the piece of junk it really was, Wouxun still took offense and decided they would no longer have dealings with me.For the past two years, I've continued to sell their radios, buying them directly from the factory under an assumed name.

I asked that the order be cancelled and a refund issued.I have many radios returned with this problem that have been in service for as little as two months.Wouxun is aware of the chip but they blame the problem on after-market programming software or anything else they can think of. Before I knew exactly what caused the problem, I suggested they place this chip in a socket for easy repair. They won't spend an extra ten cents to end the problem.It will receive two signals at the same time and it will even cross band repeat.This radio will sell in the price range of the KG-UV6D.I will warranty these items out of my own pocket as I always have.