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The couple married in a September 2011 ceremony and have no children together. TLC's "Long Island Medium" star Theresa Caputo and husband Larry Caputo announced in a joint statement on Dec. They became engaged in September 2008, and had their only son, David Daniel Jr., in August 2009.

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(I cautioned her that getting in a car with a man she didn't know was pretty brave and maybe not so smart. This was a story for Lizzy so she could write about it.

That aside, off she went.) When she got there, Joe was in a mini van with his 12 year old son, two women, and another guy. They drove the 30 minutes to Midway, ate dinner (all paying Dutch, of course), drove back down to Provo for ice cream, and decided to go to a kid-friendly movie. After all, no piano bar, no nice one-on-one date...

Throughout Bob’s career, his clients and experience have ranged from early-stage start-ups to multinational companies where he was responsible for overseeing a number of IPOs.

Bob holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Texas Tech University and is a Certified Public Accountant in Texas.

Dating anywhere in the world is always an interesting experience but in Utah, and in Mormonville especially, the tales are really odd. Well, let's just say, there's a lot of work ahead of him before he can get divorced. But, now that Fred thought about it, Lia was the most intriguing woman he had ever met. Probably." Truth was, he wasn't close to being divorced so... He gave Kat a hug and directed her to the back seat of the van. Yep, it was a group hang-out, which he neglected to tell Kat about at all. As co-founder of Bridgepoint Consulting, Bob Smith leads the company’s Financial Consulting practice.His expertise ranges from regulatory compliance to financial strategy consulting for high-growth companies.If you’re just starting on your plan to address rev rec or have any questions, I’m happy to chat.