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Updating your database development skills to

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In the not-so-distant past, most DBAs hung out in the server room and made sure the database was up and running.They managed backups and performed basic housekeeping tasks, but they rarely had responsibility for building or designing new systems.

updating your database development skills to-12

Knowing more than the other person usually means simply knowing where to quickly find the answer.

Today, if the printed documentation shipped in the box, the box would need to be the size of a small refrigerator.

And I've barely used huge areas of SQL Server functionality in a production environment.

(See the SQL Server Magazine UPDATE commentary "Can Generalists Handle Complex IT? In the days of SQL Server on OS/2, before Books Online (BOL) existed, all the manuals shipped in printed form in the box with SQL Server.

" Instant Doc ID 7778, for more insights into the need for specialization.) Can you expect to become an expert in everything related to SQL Server? Back then, I read the manuals cover to cover and had a pretty good understanding of almost all the functionality SQL Server supported.